Daily Darling!


Louis Vuitton


Special Person.

It's Beth Ditto of the band The Gossip. Although I like only thin wimen, I think this women is the best. She is a little fashion victim and has a very strong self-confident. She's my fat favourite!

Daily Darling!

These great shoes of Dior love the combination between black and white.

These shoes are of course for women. They are from Viktor & Rolf. I think it's a must-have for all wimen who love colours.

Gaga again!

Lots of glamour and provocation! Great!

Men Fashion Favourites

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I do not claim the rights for these.

The Five Star Superior Hotel

Luxury Luxury Luxury

My trip to Baden-Baden was so great. I went with my friends to the Brenner's and that remember me to poste about this fabulous hotel.

By the way it's the hotel where Barack Obama was at his visit in Germany.

The prices start at 245€. Of course it's not cheap but I think you pay also for very special classical feelings.

I hope you can one time enjoy this brilliant hotel.

Thank you for Reading!

The picture wasn't made by me
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Something a la Mode

I've heard the music of them in a fashionshow of Chanel and I searched all over the WorldWideWeb.

And I found them!
Help them to get more popular they really fantastic!

The picture wasn't made by me
I do not claim the rights for this.

Only Gaga!

Today I want tell you a bit of Lady Gaga.

I love her. But not in the same way as little children love the new superstars.
It's her fashion and her ideas to make all glamourous.

Please watch this fantastic video. That's my favourite!

Gaga I love you!